The Fundraiser

Scare to Care is a yearly videogame-based fundraiser to benefit Camp Kesem, a non-profit organization that hosts yearly camps for the children of cancer patients. This year we’ll be doing a 48 hour livestream of horror videogames with members from the gaming community! Expect to see big horror titles along with fan-favorite indie horror games. The stream starts at 7PM PST on May 23rd and will run until 7PM PST on May 25th over at our Twitch page.

The Cause

Camp Kesem Nationals is an organization dedicated to creating week-long, student-run summer camps across the nation for children whose parents have or have had cancer. Many groups exist to help and support those with cancer, but this disease also takes its toll on all those who are close to and care about that person. Dealing with those feelings and emotions are difficult enough for an adult, but many children have to struggle with it every day. Camp Kesem strives to be a place where children can not only play, have fun, and just be kids; but also to act as a place where campers can find strength in the fact that there are other children out there who are just like them. 

More Information:

CK Website

CKUCSD Website

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  3. Domaye

    Don’t know if you’ve hear of the game LSD, but I’d definitely donate if you could get through that game. =)