We understand that this method of fundraising may seem strange at first. Here’s the answers to some frequently asked questions that should help clear things up.

What are you doing?
We are organizing a fundraiser to benefit Camp Kesem, a nonprofit group that organizes a yearly camp for the children of cancer patients. This is the fourth annual Scare to Care event.

What is the fundraiser?
We will be hosting a two day video game marathon of the scariest horror videogames ever created.  The goal this year, and what separates us from last year, is to bring in popular members from the gaming community to have a good time with us. If we do this right, you can expect to see a lot of familiar faces on our stream along with audience prizes and collaborative scare efforts.

Okay, could you give me the gist of it?
A group of people play videogames and do funny things over an online stream in exchange for your donations. It’s like a modern day telethon.

What time will the fundraiser be?
The stream starts on Friday, May 22nd at 3PM PDT. We will play videogames until Sunday, May 24th at 3PM PDT. That’s 48 hours worth of videogames.

What is the Charity?
The proceeds from this charity will directly benefit Camp Kesem, a group that organizes a yearly Summer camp for the children of cancer patients. This camp not only helps them to cope with the sort of stress that kids their age shouldn’t have to endure, but it also gives them a week to play and have fun without the burdens of everyday life.

Are there any incentives to donate?
Other than the sense of satisfaction you get from helping those in need, we are going to be holding raffles and contests throughout the stream to keep things exciting. You’ll be hearing more about this in the weeks leading up to the event.

Who are you, by the way?
The founders are Tim and Vernon Shaw.  Tim is the older one, but only by like a year and 12 days. This year, we’re producing the event with our good buddies at Polaris!

What do you look like?

Tim is on the left, Vernon is on the right. That’s Pikachu in the center.

Where are you from?
Tim lives in San Diego and works as a scientist. Vernon lives in Los Angeles and works in the new media industry.

Why are you doing this?
Because it is funny.  Also because it will benefit a great cause.

Where can people donate?
Right here.

Where can I find a livestream of the event?
At our Twitch page right here bro.

How can I contact you with any questions, comments, or concerns?
You can email us directly at ScareToCare (at) gmail.com.
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