Scare to Care 2 Teaser!

That’s right! We’re back for year two. And we’ll be doing things a little differently this time around:

  1. We’re quintupling our goal! With your help last year we were able to top our $1,000 goal and reach $1,100, with donations coming from as far as Finland and Australia. This year, we feel confident that we can reach $5,000. That means that…
  2. We’re extending the event! Last year took place over two days in two 9-ish hour shifts. This year, we are doing a non-stop marathon over three days. Which finally means that…
  3. We’re adding more games! Now not only do you get to see us play Amnesia (we wanted to do something special with it this year, more on this later), but we’ll be adding a huge list of the scariest games that you never wanted to play. We’re still in the planning stages at this moment, but soon you’ll see a list the games as well as an hourly calendar of events.

We hope to make year’s event bigger and better than last year’s. Expect some great games, familiar faces, and unforgettable scares. Stay tuned for more info, and make sure to follow us onĀ Twitter for the must up-to-date news regarding S2C!

Keep on scarin’,

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