Scare to Care 10% Toward Goal

Special thanks to Arielle, Farah, Peanut and an anonymous donator for their help bringing us past the $100 mark.  Let’s keep up the momentum!


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Scare to Care featured on

Our fundraiser is now the latest entry at!

Tom, the site admin, had this this to say about our event:

If this turns out like I think it might, you could very well be raising the bar for what goes on at these marathons, this sounds like one of the best ideas in a long time.  I haven’t played Amnesia and it’s probably not a game I would have looked at otherwise, but now you got me looking forward to this!

I’ve got a good feeling, guys.

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Scare to Care Promotional Video

Hi there!  Thanks for visiting our fundraiser page.  If this is your first time here, I’d like to direct you over to the About section of the site for a short description of what we are trying to do with this fundraiser.  If clicking links isn’t your style, then we have above embedded the promotional video we made which will give a pretty solid overview of Scare to Care.  We also added the donation page as well as some donation links in the sidebar, if you feel so inclined to help us.

Thanks again for visiting,

Scare to Care

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First post!


Firstly, Tim and I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for visiting this site and hopefully donating to our cause.  You can find out more about us in the About section of our page.  On the side bar, you’ll see some helpful links regarding Camp Kesem, Camp Kesem UCSD, and the Scare to Care fundraiser.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

We’ll be using this site to blog our progress and keep you all updated in the days leading up to our event, which takes place from May 28-29.

That’s all for now.  Keep being awesome, Internet.

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