Scare to Care night one finished!

Hey everyone, Vernon here.

I just finished Amnesia: the Dark Descent a few minutes ago.  I completed the game at 2:15 AM with a total playtime of 8 hours and 15 minutes.  Tomorrow night starting at 6 PM PDT, Tim will start Amnesia again and try to beat my playtime.

Today we raised over $500 for camp to bring us to a grand total of $814.  This puts us $186 away from our goal of $1000.  Hopefully we can reach it during Tim’s playthrough.

I’ll try to throw together a video or two in the morning of one of the scares.  Hopefully it’ll drum up a little more interest in our event.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out tonight, especially the people who helped me get through the harder puzzles.  See ya tomorrow!

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