Scare to Care Donations Breakdown

Hey everyone, Vernon here. Just wanted to pass along an email I got from Camp Kesem detailing where this year’s donations are going. S2C is super stoked to have been able to help out this many camps in 2013, and hopes to help even more in years to come!

UCSD will get $5,000, and then each of our new 2013 schools will get $2,000 each (totaling $8k): University of Oklahoma, University of Nebraska, Syracuse University, and USC. They’ve all done a great job this year but it’s always tough to get up and running the first year, so this will give each of them a much needed boost (especially Oklahoma, with all those tornadoes just weeks before camp!).

The remaining $8k or so will go to CK National to support each of these schools through our national leadership development program, and also to help our organizational growth in starting 13 new chapters in 2014!

More updates coming soon! You’re awesome!


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